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Why companies need a strong strategy

Optimizing Strategy for Results guides you through a step-by-step model for preparing, creating, and optimizing great strategy that is carried out in seven stages. Each stage in the strategy process is designed to move your organization forward. These stages are designed so that team members can influence the processes and the results, which will contribute to strategy ownership and collaboration across the organization.
"It is not often one comes across any book that successfully combines principles, practices and people. All three are required for success in any domain, and here the authors show how to effectively align them for results, in an ever-changing world. A handbook for anyone who wants to develop and implement strategy that works."
- Padraig Berry, Managing Director, TTI Success Insights

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Business Owners

- Establishing a proven framework for creating a strategy that can be dynamic and responsive

- Addressing the importance of creating a culture aligned to create and execute on this strategy

- Aligning the diversities of people’s talents, skills, and passions as a key component of leveraging their strengths throughout the strategy continuum

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